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My name is Milan Vasko. I'm an Online Business Growth community leader from east Europe🇸🇰. I come from a poor family and ten children. After secondary grammar school and high school, I worked very hard in Germany and Austria, where I earned money for my own flat. I started as a storekeeper in car service and gradually worked my way up to a sales manager in an FMCG company. I started my own business in 2004 and was a very successful entrepreneur, but... I lost everything in 2013 because I was robbed by an organized crime group. I wanted to kill myself 🔫. But I got a tip of 14,000 € for the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I read it until morning and completely changed my life. Btw. it s so amazing book📒. I wanted to sign up for Robin's online program. I didn't know how Facebook and Instagram work, so I thought I'd do it later. But later it was no longer possible. The program was already closed. I didn't know how social media, algorithms, and lead acquisition work. I struggled and did not know where to find this program. Later I found a mentor for Online Business and Social Media. I did not have money. I had to rent and sell my car🚗. This was the biggest risk in my life. continued below

Milan Vasko

Over the mentoring program the year, I started helping and teaching people how to use social media and create an online business. I started earning from helping others and started traveling✈️🏝️☀️. My passion is to help and teach people how to use social media📲. Now I travel around the world 🌍 and finally, I don't have to go to the office from 9-5 👍. Do you want also generate leads and have such a lifestyle thanks to social media❓ Don't hesitate to contact me and schedule a 15-minute clarity call with me!

⚠️ I will not sell you anything or pressure you into anything. I really just want to HELP you.

Let's work together

I m excited to start working with you. But first, we need to be sure that will work for us. Contact me and schedule your free clarity 15 min call to chat with an expert and learn how our process works. This call is totally free and I will not sell you anything. I want only to help you grow your online business✌️